Empyra developed algorithms assisted by machine learning know how

Always keep context in mind. That’s a no-brainer. Or is it?

You need to be able to deliver, immediately, on any – or every – channel.

We guarantee what we deliver.

Let us show you how Empyra developed service can assist

With SAP C/4HANA, we can take millions of transactions and auto-match them together

Make your customer-centric vision a reality in months, not years.

Through our hybrid on-shore/off-shore dedicated SAP C/4HANA practice we have optimized scores of instances for our clients in the banking, retail and the communication space.  Allow us to deliver a higher ROI on your e-commerce vision.


SAP C/4HANA integration and alignment with your business processes utilizing Empyra Business Services modules is time-efficient and cost-effective.
In today’s e-commerce world where messaging online/offline, transaction speed, reliability, security and customer satisfaction must always attain an A+ rating, SAP C/4HANA e-commerce offers unlimited extension capability through a self-integrated platform. Our expertise can demonstrate how an integrated platform enables you to vastly increase your reach in transactions while maintaining stellar customer experience.

Customizing reports at various levels of decision-making while utilizing Empyra Operational Processing modules for time-sensitive flexibility.
Typical e-commerce application today relies on multiple channels to sell their products and services to their customers. SAP C/4HANA is built to sync-up and deliver one-view of transactions and customer facing interactions to enable highest possible customer service ratings. While SAP C/4HANA is perfectly able to mix and match such transactions, let us show you how our expertise can containerize your reporting to show channel sales, trend delineations per channel, customer segmentation, etc. for highest sales and customer loyalty.

Lead and not follow in this new era of customer development
“To market” window continues to shrink at a noticeable rate in today’s world of e-commerce while complexities such as channel synchronizations, niche market adaptabilities, focused reporting, exceptional customer experiences, etc. continue to deliver constant challenges. Traditional approach to development is deeming itself obsolete and too expensive to sustain an enterprise. Our team at Empyra is well versed in the template-friendly-world of SAP C/4HANA as well as the evolving business processes to quickly deliver a set of development guidelines that can then be debated on their merits and adapted quickly to deliver built-in benefits of SAP C/4HANA and our business process expertise.

What if you could have a sixth sense about your customers individual needs right when they need you the most?
In this rapidly evolving digitized landscape where personalization, flexibility, speed and adaptations are some of the baseline imperatives and your client is faced with one or more strategic initiatives such as:

  1. Digitizing commercial platforms to understand and execute complex transactions,
  2. Process multiple product offering transactions or deliver a digital platform that spans multiple countries or cultures and brings about the complexities of different currencies, addresses, social norms, languages, look and feel or delivering platforms that are customizable at the customer level and finally,
  3. Tracking customer behavior in a multidimensional support paradigm that goes beyond social web and includes social, mobile and/or brick and mortar channels.
Our experts can sit down with you and create coherent strategy and implementation plans to accomplish one or many of your challenges.

Use Context to your advantage
Context rules!  Where time is paramount, data is king and behavioral algorithms are supreme; let us help your e-commerce vision with our business process expertise and technical prowess to hyper-charge your efforts.  

Deliver seamless experience
Our technology, our processes, our focus and our relentless drive is only focused on delivering an optimum, efficient and a seamless experience.  Just like your customer is much more apt to return based on the value and experience you provide them, we also strive for the same outcome from our customer based on how we treat them and what we provide to them and for them.  Try us! You will not be disappointed. That is our promise That is our guarantee!

Empyra Business Services

  • I) Hybrid (on-shore/off-shore) development and support model
  • II) Cloud based development team
  • III) Implementation services

Cloud data services

Hybrid (on-shore/off-shore) development and support model
Time-to-market and value-delivered are the two cornerstones of all enterprises. Same is true for Empyra.

  1. Our business analysts engage with you to understand your challenges
  2. We create timelines to best suit your time-to-market window of opportunity while keeping our plans flexible to adjust deliverables based on “lessons-learned” as we go down the path towards implementation.
  3. Cost and value seem to be the driving factors in almost all business decisions. Our hybrid practice pretty much guarantees that Empyra will deliver the best business proposition to enable our clients to continue to utilize our services on a long-term basis. We seek long-term over short-term relationships.

Cloud based development team
You need to begin a project to react to the fundamentals of the marketplace you are witnessing but do not have proper equipment in place then, enough space to expand the existing team or enough qualified resources to begin the delivery journey; no problem:

  1. As you desire; Empyra business services is fully able to function from your premise or from ours. However, one thing will remain constant and that is our ability to provide you with timely communication to enable optimum decision making.
  2. Our business processes enable you to audit our progress and provide feedback in a real-time basis.

Implementation services
Post implementation services are equally as important to the success of the initiative as design and delivery. At Empyra:

  1. Our off-shore platform monitoring team coupled with minimal on-shore program management expertise provides you the peace of mind that the platform/application/service is behaving as designed to deliver the services that were required.
  2. Any escalations as they arise are managed within the processes designed to address our and their clients’ needs as efficiently as possible.
  3. Periodic review of the operations enables us to assure the client that the newly implemented service is performing as best as it can.
  4. Reporting of performance plays an essential part in fact-based decision making and enabling an effective and optimum operation cycle.

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